dat for legal data

Developer Max Ogden is building a new set of tools for dealing with open data, called dat. dat seems appropriate for legal data.

Ogden describes dat as “a new initiative that seeks to increase the traction of the open data movement by providing better tools for collaboration.”

In the dat readme, Ogden uses as examples two types of legal data: municipal crime data, and the U.S. House of Representatives’ floor proceedings in XML. So in Ogden’s view, dat can be useful for managing legal data.

Derek Willis has a new post describing dat and its usefulness for open government data.

Ben Balter has a new post commenting on dat.

Waldo Jaquith says about dat: “I sure need it. For all of this data and more. github.com/openva/

Eric Mill says about the usefulness of dat for legal data: “Absolutely. I’d run a dat repo for github.com/unitedstates. rsync is expensive, bulk is blunt.”

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