Conrad on ICAIL 2013

Jack G. Conrad of Thomson Reuters has posted A brief summary of: 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2013).

Here is an excerpt:

[…] The Donald H. Berman Award for Best Student Paper went to Oahn Thi Tran. Her paper, “Reference Resolution in Legal Texts,” was co-authored with Minh Le Nguyen and Akiri Shimazu and focused on resolving terms, definitions and provisions in Japanese language legal documents. Oahn Thi Tran is a Vietnamese graduate student studying at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.[…]

There were a number of Tweets posted to Twitter during the conference akin to the following:

  • Wondering as always, about the practical applicability of ‪#icail2013 research
  • Cons: some things discussed are still ‘head in the clouds’, afaik [as far as I know] never usable ‪#ICAIL2013
  • however, what’s the point in re-discussing old approaches (strong AI). Also, legal argumentation…again? ‪#ICAIL2013

The following paper on IP analysis, presented last in the conference, represented a response to such skeptics: “Identifying Patent Monetization Entities” [paper and slides] by Mihai Surdeanu and Sara Jeruss of Lex Machina. It describes a number of the technical details of their Patent Troll Identification System and the painstaking ways in which they evaluated it and performed error analysis. […]

Because our community consists of numerous sub-communities — including formal logic, argument systems, legal education systems, online dispute resolution systems, forensic systems, named-entity resolution, text classification, information retrieval, graph analytics, XML standards, content specific applications (statutes, regulations, IP, criminal case law), etc., we are not going to try to do justice here to the broad body of work that was presented. Instead, we will let each sub-community share their own topic-specific summaries among themselves. […]

Click here for links and resources related to the conference.

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