Draft Tunisian Constitution, on GitHub

The draft Tunisian constitution has been placed on GitHub, in a browsable format, by the the user “mtimet” (on Twitter: @dmtimet), whom I haven’t been able to identify.

The data and code for this version of the draft Tunisian Constitution are available at https://github.com/mtimet/dostour

Here are excerpts from the “About” page:

This is a browser of the tunisian draft constitution released on the 1st of june, 2013. You can find the official version at the ANC website.

This project is a weekend hack that draws heavily on two projects:

1. OpenGovTn members collective effort to write it down to several machine readable forms (txt,json). opengovtn french and arabic transcripts.

2. The web design and interaction are a fork of the DC Code Project. Some minor changes have been applied to adapt to the right-to-left nature of the arabic language and to the hierarchical layout of the tunisian draft project.

To adapt DC Code to stylesheets to the arabic language, I used the R2 utility.

For the fonts I’m using one of the Google early acces arabic web fonts Droid Arabic Kufi. […]

For more details, please see the complete “About” page and the GitHub repository.

Click here for more information on the DC Code project.

HT @tmcw

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