Goodenough on Creating a Law School e-Curriculum

Professor Oliver Goodenough of Vermont Law School gave a presentation entitled Creating a Law School e-Curriculum, 8 July 2013, at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

Click here for video and audio of the presentation.

Here is the abstract:

Legal practice and legal education both face disruptive change due to technology. Oliver R. Goodenough — Berkman Fellow, Professor of Law at the Vermont Law School, and Adjunct Professor at Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College — discusses how technology is shaping legal practice, and how learning from this phenomenon should be a priority for any school looking to provide a useful education for the lawyers.

The presentation is based on Professor Goodenough’s article, Developing an E-Curriculum: Reflections on the Future of Legal Education and on the Importance of Digital Expertise, forthcoming in Chicago-Kent Law Review.

The article was discussed in Michael Fitzgerald, “14 Reasons Law Schools Must Teach Tech”, Information Week, 10 July 2013.

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