Daum: Crowdsourced legal translation site: China Law Translate

Jeremy Daum, JD, of the Yale Law School China Center has launched a crowdsourced legal translation site called China Law Translate.

Here is a description of the site from the site’s “About Us” page:

Chinalawtranslate Is An Interactive, Cooperative Project

Together, We Control The Content, Together, We Control The Quality

Users can alter any text on the site except for the original language original text. You don’t even need to register.

The majority of the posts on this site were put up in a single language. Users translated them online.

A small number of translations were taken from public domain sources, but are being slowly improved by users.

You can submit documents to be translated or posted through the contact form or make suggestions in the forum. […]

Chinalawtranslate was developed as a pet project by Jeremy Daum of the Yale China Law Center when he discovered that a great number of organizations were translating the same materials without effective collaboration. At it’s heart it is a community project, and the system is designed to gradually give regular contributors an increasing level of control. Everyone with suggestions should always feel free raise them and those who have tech skills, as well as language skills, are particularly encouraged to help!

Anneli Sarkanen of the SLA Legal Division described the site in a post published in February 2013.

HT @ChinaLawTransl8 and @fgbjr

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