APIs for EU legislation

Frank Bennett, Stéphane Cottin, and I recently looked into the current situation of application programming interfaces (APIs) for European Union (EU) legislation, and this is what we found:

There are currently at least three APIs for EU legislation:

  1. Web Services at the new official EUR-Lex site, which provide access to current data, and require registration
  2. The unofficial API for EU legislation built by Buhl Rasmussen, which, as of the date of this post, contains data last updated in 2012, and does not require registration
  3. ParlTrack’s EU legislative data, which are current and updated daily, and do not require registration

It appears that the EU legislative data available at PublicData.eu, such as the EUR-Lex SPARQL endpoint, come from the Buhl Rasmussen API, and so are not currently updated; see the explanation here.

If you know of additional APIs for EU legislation, or if any of the information above is incorrect, please let us know by commenting on this post or by contacting me.

Many thanks to Frank and Stéphane and @parltrack

[NOTE: Updated 18 December 2013 to reflect new URL for EUR-Lex Web services.]

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