13-14 August: Annotating the Law Workshop

Annotating the Law Workshop is being held 13-14 August 2013, at a location I’m uncertain of.

The workshop includes personnel from the open annotation platform Hypothes.is, the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard, and other organizations.

The questions being discussed at the workshop include:

  • What are specific use cases of annotation in the law (amendments to bills, citizen feedback, case law citation, ??)
  • What are good case studies, showing past annotation practice?
  • Are there opportunities within formal legal processes where open annotation might be adopted– where equivalent but more traditional techniques are used today? In courts, between parties, in administrative functions?
  • What are the optimum fora for discussion? Government sites, legal reviews, whitehouse.gov, Representative offices, legislative committees, etc.
  • Lists of legal codes that need annotation
  • – Official State Codes online. (incl. recent resource.org work)
  • – Common law and regulatory codes.
  • Particular legal concerns with authoring on hosted annotation sites?
  • Cross linking commercial providers (L/N, Westlaw) w/ OA alternatives.
  • What are well-known existing digital archives of legal texts?
  • What are key international legal archives / ditigal resources / technology innovators?
  • – International Court of Justice (The Hague)
  • – EU Directive process

The workshop agenda includes:

Technical & Conceptual Overview of Open Annotation: Demos, lightning talks […]

Hypothesis roadmap & status of related annotation efforts Challenges […]

Discussion: General exploration: Annotation/citation mechanisms & precedents in the law

  • Case law
  • Blue Book “Friendly” or related efforts in law/legal scholarship Market/product opportunities

Breakouts: Participant proposed/led deep dives in breakout groups

  • Metadata, thesaurus requirements
  • Legal citation cultures


Next steps

  • Who else should we speak with?
  • What organizations would be helpful partners in this process? […]
  • What would you do next if you were us? […]

For more details, please see the event’s wiki.

Thanks to Adam Ziegler for telling me about this event and Sam Klein for allowing me to post this information.

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2 Responses to 13-14 August: Annotating the Law Workshop

  1. Peter Brantley has written a summary of the Hypothes.is / Berkman Center Annotating the Law Workshop: http://hypothes.is/blog/annotating-the-law/

    HT @ColinLachance https://twitter.com/ColinLachance/status/370336206128566272

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