Glassmeyer: List of law school innovation / technology centers and institutes

Sarah Glassmeyer, JD, MLS, of CALI, is gathering a list of law school innovation or technology centers and institutes, and requests input.

Sarah writes:

I’m sure, like me, you keep seeing press releases about new centers and institutes that law schools are creating that cover all the changes that are occurring in the practice of law and legal ed. The ReInvent Law laboratory at Michigan State is a good example and seems to be the one most people know about.

However, I can’t seem to find a list of all of them. Anywhere. So, let’s make one!

If your school has one or if you know of one, please add it to the list.

I have a dream of hosting a summit of all of them and give them all 30 minutes to explain what they’re doing. But if nothing else, I can make something out of the list so we can all see what’s happening and being produced by these places. BUT FIRST I NEED A LIST.

So please add to it […]

HT @sglassmeyer

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