Kimbro: New legal gamification venture: Game on Law

Stephanie Kimbro, JD, MA, of Burton Law LLC, discusses her new legal gamification venture, Game on Law, L3C, in a new post entitled Games, at Virtual Law Practice.

Here is an excerpt:

Game on Law, L3C is a new venture I’ve started to develop and publish games related to legal services. I am currently developing two games, one related to estate planning (Estate Quest) and the other to mortgage foreclosure. The goals of this project are:

  • To empower players to prevent legal problems before they happen.
  • To award players with points that may be used as discounts to access unbundled legal assistance online (whether that is through self-help resources or discounts for services at branded networks).
  • To increase access to justice through engagement and the power of gaming to teach basic legal rights.
  • To build a fun game that may be played online in a social capacity with friends and family. […]

We are hoping to post the demo of level one of the estate planning game, called Estate Quest, on the crowdfund site, RocketHub, in the next month. We would be grateful for any support to help us build out the entire game! Please feel free to email me at gameonlaw at gmail dot com with questions or for more details about the games. Follow us on Twitter: @Gameonlaw […]

For more details, please see the complete post.

HT @stephkimbro

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