Papers on computational legislative studies at APSA 2013

At least three papers on computational legislative studies will be given at a program on New Methodologies in Legislative Studies, chaired by Professor Dr. Will Lowe of Harvard University, to be held 13 August 2013 at APSA 2013: The American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, being held 28 August – 1 September 2013, in Chicago, Illinois, USA:

  • John D. Wilkerson (University of Washington): Tracing the Progress of Policy Ideas in Legislation: A Computational Approach
  • Mark Huberty (University of California, Berkeley):Applying natural language processing for computer-assisted analysis of legislative history: the LegHist package for R
  • Will Lowe (Harvard University): There’s (Basically) Only One Way to Do It: Some Unifying Theory for Text Scaling Models

For abstracts or full text of papers, please contact the authors.

To identify other legal informatics or legal communication papers being presented at APSA 2013, please see the complete APSA 2013 program.

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