Jaquith: Hover-over legal definitions in bills, enabled by Virginia Decoded API

Waldo Jaquith has used the API of the Virginia Decoded free-access-to-law site, to implement, for bills published through his Richmond Sunlight service, “hover-over” display of definitions of legal terms that have statutory definitions.

See the terms that have a faint yellow underline in this example: http://www.richmondsunlight.com/bill/2013/hb1438/fulltext/

Information about the API is at http://vacode.org/downloads/ on the right screen.

Open-law APIs like the Virginia Decoded API enable hover-over and similar functions to be incorporated into all sorts of online primary and secondary legal resources, including contracts, ToS, conveyancing instruments, journal articles, news articles, blog posts, treatises, casebooks, etc.

Waldo describes some of the new functionality in a new post at The State Decoded: Don’t Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good.

HT @waldojaquith

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