5 October 2013: DC Legal Hackathon: Links and Resources

DC Legal Hackers’ First Legal Hackathon is being held 5 October 2013 at the Fastcase offices in Washington, DC, USA.

The event is organized by DC Legal Hackers (Twitter account: @DCLegalHackers).

The Twitter hashtag for the hackathon is #legalhack

Click here for archived Twitter tweets from the hackathon, in .csv format.

Click here for notes on the activities taking place during the hackathon.

Click here for a partial list of participants in the hackathon.

Here is the agenda:


The Legal Services Corporation has presented us with a compelling issue for legal hackers with the potential to help many low-income individuals around the country.

In a nutshell, LSC offers civil legal services to low-income individuals on the basis of particular “service areas,” which are defined by county, city, town, or other lines, as defined by Congress. LSC providers have locations within these services areas, and are only allowed to provide legal services within those areas. Therefore, it’s important for low-income individuals to know which LSC locations can serve them (and, relatedly, which of those locations is closest to them).

As it stands, the LSC search tool only offers the ability to search on the basis of state and county. Because counties can be very large, and sometimes the LSC service areas are not drawn on a county basis, the search function is not as helpful as it can be (and in some cases leads to confusing results). See Massachusetts for an example. Ideally, the search tool would be able to take a zip code as input and return the nearby locations in the assigned service area. In this hackathon, we will use the underlying mapping data that LSC has on file to create new and helpful ways for low-income individuals to search for their appropriate LSC location. An example for improvement is Stateside Legal.


9 Breakfast

9:30 Github 101

10 Access to Justice 101

10:30 Presenting the Access to Justice problem & team forming*

10:30-4:30 Hacking with lunch.

4:30 Presentations, discussion, and next steps.

After: drinks, pats on backs, more justice.

* * * * * * * *

*For those inclined, we have also outlined a few alternative tracks:

Eric Mill tells us that his and his colleagues’ Legal Annotation Thesaurus project may also be worked on during the hackathon.

For more details, please see the event’s Website and the DC Legal Hackers Twitter account: @DCLegalHackers

For additional selected resources related to this event, please see the comments to this post.

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