Legal informatics papers and posters at ICEGOV 2013

Several papers or posters on legal informatics are being presented at ICEGOV 2013: 7th International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, being held 22-25 October 2013 in Seoul:

  • Pierre Andrews, Flávio Soares Corrêa da Silva: Using Parliamentary Open Data to Improve Participation
  • Jan van Dijk, Sandra Kalidien, Sunil Choenni: Development, Implementation and Use of a Judicial Data Space System
  • Carolina Gonzalez Tabares, William Montoya: How ‘Urna de Cristal’ gave support to the design and approval of Colombian Anti-Procedure Law (Decree 19 of 2012)
  • Himanshu Jain, P. Radha Krishna, Kamalakar Karlapalem: E-Contract Enactment System for Effective E-Governance
  • Adriana Simeão Ferreira, Daniel Gonçalves de Melo, Leondeniz Freitas: The Importance of e-Justice Centres in the Telecentres for the State of Acre – Brazilian Amazon

For abstracts or full text of papers, please contact the authors.

Click here for the complete conference program.

Twitter hashtags for the conference appear to be #icegov2013 and #icegov

If you know of other legal informatics papers being presented at the conference, please let us know in the comments to this post.

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