Mill, Tauberer, and Willis: New site for The unitedstates Project

Eric Mill, Joshua Tauberer, and Derek Willis announced last week a new site for The unitedstates Project:

The site covers:

congress-legislators: Detailed data on members of Congress, past and present.

congress: Scrapers and parsers for the work of Congress, all day, every day.

citation: Stand-alone legal citation detector. Text in, citations out.

uscode: Parser for the US Code.

bill-nicknames: Tiny spreadsheet of common nicknames for bills and laws.

glossary: A public domain glossary for the United States.

licensing: Policy guidelines for the licensing of US government information.

wish-list: Post ideas for new projects.

Eric has written a post explaining the project.

Click here for earlier posts about the project.

HT @konklone

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