Moore: Participatory Politics Foundation Launches AskThem Q & A Site

The Participatory Politics Foundation announced on 29 October 2013 that its next project would be AskThem.

Here is an excerpt of the announcement:

[…] The Participatory Politics Foundation (PPF) is now announcing its next major project: AskThem, a free and open-source website for questions-and-answers with public figures. AskThem is also non-profit and non-partisan, with a mission to increase civic engagement.

AskThem is a version of the White House’s “We the People” petition platform for every elected official. AskThem will allow individuals and organizations to ask questions and create petitions directly to over 142,000 elected officials, from local city council members to U.S. senators, enabling online dialogue for continual engagement with government.

David Moore, the Executive Director of the Participatory Politics Foundation, says, “Having OpenCongress be acquired by the Sunlight Foundation is the perfect next step in our non-profit work to help people engage with government. We’re excited to use these resources to launch AskThem as a much-needed online conversation platform with elected officials nationwide.”

Individuals and organizations can sign up now at to be notified when AskThem will launch, see previews, and be the first to ask a question to their elected officials in an open public forum. AskThem has gathered official government data for over 142,000 U.S. elected officials, from federal to state to city levels of government. Users will also be able to target a question or petition to any public figure with a verified Twitter account. […]

For more details, please see the complete announcement.

HT @ppolitics

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