Welinder and Walls on the 2013 Legal Design Jams in Northern California

Yana Welinder, J.D., LL.M., and Heather Walls, both of the Wikimedia Foundation, have posted a report on last month’s legal design jams in northern California, entitled Designing a user-friendly trademark policy for some of the world’s most recognizable marks, at the Wikimedia Blog.

Here are excerpts from the post:

[…] The [Wikimedia Foundation legal] team is also looking for alternative ways to communicate the information in the [trademark] policy to reinforce the text. A few weeks ago, we partnered with legal information researchers Stefania Passera, Helena Haapio, and Margaret Hagan to organize a two-part Legal Design Jam at Stanford Institute of Design and the Embassy Network. The goal of these sessions were to brainstorm about how to make our trademark policy more user-friendly using colors, visuals and various information design methods. We brought together two groups of professionals and students with law, design, computer science and policy backgrounds to work on this problem.

Both legal design sessions began with a presentation by Stefania Passera regarding different information design techniques that can improve the usability of legal documents. Yana Welinder, who is leading the trademarks work and the policy update in the legal team, then presented the trademark policy draft. She focused on community interests that drive the document to make sure that the legal design participants appreciated the importance and practicality of the document. The draft was divided into sections and reviewed in groups of four to five participants. Each group spent time discussing a portion of the draft, highlighting the key concepts and thinking about how those concepts should be visualized effectively. […]

We are now wikifying the designs that were developed in the legal design sessions so that community members can discuss them on Meta-Wiki. Once that discussion opens, please join in and give your feedback about this work in the consultation on the policy draft.

For more details, please see the complete post.

The redesigned trademark policy that was the subject of these events is now available here.

Click here for more information about the 2013 Legal Design Jams in Northern California.

HT Helena Haapio

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