Legal informatics, design, and communication papers at ICMSL 2014

Several papers on legal informatics, design, or communication are scheduled to be presented at ICMSL 2014: Internationale Konferenz zum Multisensorischen Recht = International Conference on Multisensory Law, to be held 27-28 January 2014 at the University of Zurich:

  • Helena Haapio, Michael Curtotti, & Stefania Passera: Making the Meaning of Contracts Visible: Automating Contract Visualization
  • Gerhard Buurman: Understanding Your Legal Design, Designing Your Understanding of Law: A Cognitive Aesthetic Approach to Visual Law
  • Monica Broome: Nonverbal Communication Skills for Lawyers
  • Soile Pohjonen: Changing Mindsets in Public Procurement with Visualization
  • Michał Dudek: Representing Legal Permissions with Pictograms and Ideograms
  • Cearbhall O’Meadhra: How Multisensory Law Might Benefit from Multisensory Design
  • Rob Waller: Layered Typographic Formats for Legislation
  • Miriam Aziz: Multi-Sensorizing Legal Communication through Dance
  • Mateusz Stępień: How the Pictorial Character of Chinese Language Affects Legal Meaning

For abstracts or full text of papers, please contact the authors.

Click here for the complete program.

The conference is being organized by Professor Dr. Colette R. Brunschwig.

HT Helena Haapio

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