Legal Open Document Hackathon, Bologna: 10 December 2013

A Legal Open Document Hackathon will be held 10 December 2013 at CIRSFID, University of Bologna, and also at sites elsewhere in Europe and in Latin America and the U.S.

The event is being organized by Professor Dr. Monica Palmirani.

Here is a partial description:

[…] The hackathon is divided in three groups:

(A) AKOMA NTOSO group with the following objectives:
1. To test Akoma Ntoso language respect different set of documents, different countries and levels:
– bill of the Senate/Chamber
– decree of the Government Ministries
– bill/act of the Italian Regions (Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio)
– bill/act of Local Municipalities
– regulations from Government Agencies (e.g. Data Protection Agency)
2. Use different tools for helping the mark-up.
3. At the end we want to compare statistics about number of documents marked-up, tags and attribute used, list of them with figures.

(L) LegalRuleML group with the following objectives:
1. Take some Akoma Ntoso documents and to model legal rules in LegalRuleML in order to test the language.
2. Use different tools, including NLP, for helping the mark-up.
3. Test the integration between legal source of the original documents and the legal rules modelling.
4. Reasoning with LegalRuleML.

(V) Visualization of legal open document with the following objectives:
1. Rendering of the Akoma Ntoso or/and LegalRuleML document for multi-channels.
2. Smart visualization for managing the complexity of the legal system.
3. Automatic semantic classification, Point-in-time, comparison table, navigation among versions, other visualizations that could help the legal end-user to use the huge amount of legal open document. […]

For more details, please see the event’s Website.

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