African Law Library: New free-access-to-law service for Africa

African Law Library, a new free-access-to-law service for African countries and multinational organizations, launched with an event in Addis Ababa on 28 November 2013, according to AfricanLII.

According to the service’s Website, African Law Library is produced by the African Innovation Foundation and the Global Ethics Network for Applied Ethics (, which issued a press release describing the launch.

Here is a description of the service, from the service’s “Vision” page:

The African Online Library on Law and Governance (the African Law Library) is an innovative online portal available free of charge to all those interested in African law and governance. The Library was initiated in 2012 by Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, a successful international entrepreneur from Angola and Switzerland, and Founder of the African Innovation Foundation.


The African Law Library aims to be the leading, innovative online portal for African law and governance, and to improve access to modern and customary law texts, and to other legal documents and secondary sources in the continent of Africa.


The African Law Library focuses on visibility, access, knowledge, education and consolidation of the systems of law existing in African countries. It does this by putting online downloadable, printable, multilingual-legal texts, selected court decisions and secondary literature for free. […]

According to AfricanLII, the service links to documents published by the African Legal Information Institute.

In addition to legal resources from African nations, the service appears to provide access to legal resources from five African multinational organizations.

The service also accepts submissions from the public and plans to host research working groups.

HT @AfricanLII

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