Bercow: Designing a Parliament for the 21st Century

John Bercow, Speaker of the UK House of Commons, gave a speech entitled Designing a Parliament for the 21st Century, 27 November 2013, at the Hansard Society in London.

Click here for the full text of the speech.

The Twitter hashtag for the event was #eparliament

Click here for archived Twitter tweets from the event, in .csv format.

Here is a summary:

In a speech to the Hansard Society at 8:00pm this evening, the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Rt Hon John Bercow MP, will explore further modernisation of the House of Commons and British democracy to meet the demands of the digital era and modern citizens, and announce a new Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy.

In the speech the Speaker calls for the creation of “a Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy,” and he describes “digital democracy” as follows:

Digital democracy will have some universal features but others which vary nation by nation. It is yet another change which pushes against formality and for flexibility. Its elements might include online voting, e-dialogue between representatives and those represented, increased interconnectedness between the functions of representation, scrutiny and legislation, multiple concepts of what is a constituency, flexibility about what is debated when and how, and a much more intense pace for invention and adaptation. What we are talking about here is nothing less than a Parliament version 2.0.

Puffles has written a post about the speech: Towards a 21st Century Parliament

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