Hwang: Social Architecture of Intelligent Systems Project at Data and Society Research Institute

Tim Hwang will lead a project on Social Architecture of Intelligent Systems, at the new Data and Society Research Institute in New York.

According to Tim, the project will involve legal informatics to some extent:

Legal informatics definitely a part of it! Examining it alongside high-frequency trading, AI in the medical space, etc.

Here is a description of the project:

The Social Architecture of Intelligent Systems project is developing a proposed framework of regulation — inclusive of laws, norms, code, and markets — to shape the role of intelligent systems as they increasingly enter new sectors of the economy in coming decades. To do so, the project is engaging in a series of interviews with a range of industry experts working to bring these systems into fields as wide-ranging as medicine, capital markets, law, and energy. It also looks to the past to inform the present: examining how previous waves of automation have shaped and been shaped by their social context. Our goal is to articulate the novel policy concerns raised by this new generation of automation, and create effective mechanisms to balance these concerns with the promise of these innovations.

The institute is now accepting applications for fellows.

HT @alexleavitt

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