Online Discussion of Indian Supreme Court’s decision on section 377 IPC: Video, Tweets, and Resources

An online discussion of the Supreme Court of India’s decision on section 377 IPC was held 14 December 2013, on Google+, YouTube, and Twitter.

The statute is here.

The Court’s decision is here (the case is called Suresh Kumar Koushal & Anr. vs Naz Foundation & Ors.).

Speakers at the event — which was organized by GrassRoute India and particularly by Deepa Kumar — included Dushyant Arora, Proshant Chakraborty, Jayaprakash Narayan, Prukalpa Sankar, and Anshul Tewari.

Click here for video of the speakers’ discussion on Google+.

Click here for a storify of the event.

The Twitter hashtag for the discussion was #sec377

Click here for an archive of Twitter tweets — in .csv format — posted during the event.

Click here for links to articles and posts about the Court’s decision [HT @nsaikia].

HT @_GrassRoute

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