Trypuz and Kulicki: On deontic action logics based on Boolean algebra

Professor Dr. Robert Trypuz and Dr. Piotr Kulicki, of Catholic University of Lublin, have published On deontic action logics based on Boolean algebra, forthcoming in Journal of Logic and Computation.

Here is the abstract:

The aim of this article is to provide a metalogical systematization in the area of deontic action logic based on Boolean algebra. Differences among the systems involve two aspects: the level of closedness of a deontic action logic and the possibility of performing no action at all. It is also shown that the existing definitions of obligation in these systems are unacceptable due to their non-intuitive interpretation or paradoxical consequences. As a solution we propose a minimal axiomatic characterization of obligation with an adequate class of models. This article also describes how deontic action logic can be used to answer the questions from the Polish driving license test.

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