Constitution UK Project: Crowdsourcing the drafting of a new UK constitution

A project to crowdsource the drafting of a new constitution for the United Kingdom — called Constitution UK — is underway at the London School of Economics.

The project has begun to accept public contributions, as of 16 December 2013.

Click here to access to the project’s crowdsourcing site, which runs on the UserVoice platform.

Here is a summary of the project:

Constitution UK is a trailblazing project that invites members of the public to participate in, offer advice on and eventually to draft a new UK constitution through crowdsourcing.

It is led by LSE’s Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and Department of Law, together with the LSE Public Policy Group (PPG) and Democratic Audit. It builds on the IPA’s successful and ongoing Imagining One Nation Britain programme, on the Department of Law’s academic knowledge and the specialist excellence of PPG and Democratic Audit. […]

Click here for a video in which Professor Dr. Conor Gearty describes the project.

The project’s Twitter account is @constitutionuk

The project has a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and an RSS feed.

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