Mitchell: New version 7.0 of ClinicCases released: Open source legal case management system

Professor R. Judson Mitchell of Loyola University New Orleans has released version 7.0 of his ClinicCases open source case management system.

Judson says this new version “adds support for locking and unlocking ClinicCases Documents, so that users may collaborate on them.”

Here is a description:

ClinicCases is an open source case management system designed specifically for law school clinics. It uses PHP and MySQL.


ClinicCases is designed to be easy to use with a minimal learning curve for new users. Documentation is available at the ClinicCases site.

  • Complete case management: reports, case notes, calendaring, contacts
  • Self-contained messaging system to ensure completeness of case history and confidentiality
  • Fully-featured journaling system: compose, read, and comment on student journals
  • Document storage and organization
  • Time keeping and user management
  • and much more!


HT @sglassmeyer

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