Kwecka et al. on privacy enhancing technologies

Zbigniew Kwecka, Professor Dr. William Buchanan, Professor Burkhard Schafer, and Judith Rauhofer have published “I am Spartacus”: privacy enhancing technologies, collaborative obfuscation and privacy as a public good, forthcoming in Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Here is the abstract:

The paper introduces an approach to privacy enhancing technologies that sees privacy not merely as an individual right, but as a public good. This idea finds its correspondence in our approach to privacy protection through obfuscation, where everybody in a group takes a small privacy risk to protect the anonymity of fellow group members. We show how these ideas can be computationally realised in an Investigative Data Acquisition Platform (IDAP). IDAP is an efficient symmetric Private Information Retrieval protocol optimised for the specific purpose of facilitating public authorities’ enquiries for evidence.

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