Katz: List of legal startups and financials on legal startups

Professor Dr. Daniel Martin Katz of the ReInvent Law Laboratory at Michigan State University has published a new post that points to several interesting resources: Legal Tech Startups – $458 Million in Legal Services R&D (via TR Legal Executive Insights), at Computational Legal Studies.

First, the post links to a new article at Legal Executive Insights that focuses on Dan’s and Joshua Kubicki‘s role in the legal startup sector, and that reports recent financial data on the scope of legal startup activity: Startups: $458 Million in Legal Services R&D.

Next, the post links to AngelList’s list of Legal Startups, which as of today displays 416 companies with 935 investors.

Dan comments:

I am happy to count many of these companies [on the AngelList list] as #ReInventLaw Speakers / Attendees. […] these companies tend to cluster around certain ideas. It is my belief that many of those ideas will ultimately prevail. […]

Finally, the post links to Bob Ambrogi’s post about the ReInvent Law NYC 2014 event: A Time of Unprecedented Innovation in Legal Technology.

For more details, please see the complete post.

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