Briatte: Legislative Cosponsorship Networks among French Members of Parliament

François Briatte of the University of Grenoble has posted a paper entitled Legislative Cosponsorship Networks among French Members of Parliament.

Here is the abstract:

ThŒis paper explains how to measure and visualize the cosponsorship networks formed over 8,000 bills and resolutions introduced in the French National Assembly between 1986 and 2013. The networks observed through
cosponsored legislation reveal the topology of collaboration among Members of Parliament (MPs) in the lower house of the French Parliament over a period of 28 years that covers seven ruling legislatures, three of which were characterised by split executive government (cohabitation). Replication material for this study is available for R (R Core Team, 2013) at ŒThe author can be reached at [website] and thanks Baptiste Coulmont for inspiring this study, Martial Foucault for useful suggestions, and Mason Porter for helpful replication material.

The author says that this work was also inspired by James H. Fowler, Andrew Scott Waugh, and Yunkyu Sohn’s Cosponsorship Network Data project.

Click here for Briatte’s network graphs of these data, made with d3.js and sigma.js.

The scrapers used to gather the data appear to be at

HT @phnk

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