MIT Media Lab: Computational Legal Science research, and Legal Clinic

[Update as of 18 February 2014: I’ve added a new post providing more information about Computational Legal Science research at MIT Media Lab.]

Dazza Greenwood, JD, of MIT Media Lab, writes on his Website that his “2013/2014 academic year research focus” is “on defining and developing ‘Computational Legal Science’ as a sub-discipline of computational social science.”

I can’t find a description of this computational legal science research. I’ve asked Dazza Greenwood for a description, but have not yet had a response. If you know of a description, please feel free to link to it in the comments to this post.

It’s unclear what relation, if any, this computational legal science research has to Greenwood and colleagues’ eCitizen research program, whose activities appear to have included the 2013 MIT Legal Hackathon.

In addition, MIT appears to be organizing a legal clinic, according to comments Greenwood made in this video discussion, at about 14:00: Hacking the Law With Dazza Greenwood: Meet Jonathan Askin.

Here is my transcript of those comments:

As we look here at the Media Lab, at trying to get into this idea of a legal clinic, we have our first legal clinical intern now, we’ve got a legal team building up.

Click here for a link to the video at Greenwood’s site.

The development of a legal clinic at MIT in connection with a legal informatics research project seems consistent with Professor Dr. Daniel Martin Katz‘s ideas for reforming legal education through a greater focus on quantitative methods, the application of technology, and practice-oriented instruction, as expressed in his 2013 presentation, The MIT School of Law.

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