Legal data and projects being worked on at Open Data Day 2014

Several legal data sets and projects are being worked on at Open Data Day 2014 (also called the International Open Data Hackathon, and Open Data Day Hackathon), being held 22-23 February 2014, at many locations around the world.

The main event Website appears to be at

The Website for the Washington, DC event is at

There appear to be several Twitter hashtags for the event, including:

A map of locations/events is at

For the DC event, IRC chat is taking place at: #opendatadaydc

The wiki listing locations, projects, and datasets is at

Projects and datasets being worked on at the DC event are listed at the hackpad at

The OpenGov Foundation has a new post describing the legal projects and data its personnel will work on at the DC location, including State Decoded Global Search and Compare, and DC Municipal Regulations Conversion.

At the DC location, V. David Zvenyach is working on a scraper for decisions of the DC Court of Appeals.

At the DC location, Pep Vallbé and Núria Casellas worked on “an index of the ease of access to regulations from #WorldBank data.”

At the DC location, Daniel Schuman describes three law-related projects being worked on: “3 projects: (1) access to law; (2) info about leg hearings, (3) seeing how specialist reports are updated.”

In London, one of the legal projects being worked on as part of Open Data Day is NeoCodex Open Law Challenge, which involves work on developing the Open Law Index, and a project involving use of social media and visualization of legal information.

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