CodeX FutureLaw 2014: Conference on Legal Technology and Innovation, 2 May 2014

CodeX FutureLaw 2014 — “a conference focusing on how technology is changing the landscape of the legal profession and the law more broadly” — will be held 2 May 2014 at Stanford Law School.

Registration is now open — early registration continues until 2 April 2014.

The conference is presented by CodeX: Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.

Tim Hwang, JD, is Chair of the conference.

Click here for the full conference program.

Here is an overview of the program:

Keynotes: Richard Susskind and Michael Genesereth


Forging an Open Legal Document Ecosystem

  • Brian Carver, Free Law Project
  • Thomas Bruce, Legal Information Institute
  • Paul Sawaya, Restatement
  • Monica Bay, Law Technology News (moderator)

Managing Legal Marketplaces

  • Matt Faustman, Upcounsel
  • Raj Abyanker, Legal Force
  • Eddie Hartman, Legalzoom
  • Mark Britton, Avvo
  • Greg McPolin, Thomson Reuters
  • Jason Boehmig, Fenwick and West (moderator)

Rebuilding Legal Education

  • Marc Lauritsen, Capstone Practice Systems
  • Richard Granat, Direct Law, Granat Legal Services
  • Janelle Orsi, Sustainable Economies Law Center
  • Ron Dolin, Research Fellow at the Center on the Legal Profession and Instructor of Law at Stanford Law School
  • Jason Solomon, Stanford Law School (moderator)

Legal Technology in the Public Interest

  • Ronald W. Staudt, Center for Access to Justice and Technology, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Margaret Hagan, Institute of Design at Stanford
  • Stephanie Kimbro, Center for Law Practice Technology and Burton Law LLC
  • Phil Malone, Stanford Law School (moderator)

Legal Ethics in the Age of Machines

  • Harry Surden, University of Colorado Law School
  • Deborah Rhode, Center on the Legal Profession, Stanford Law School
  • Norm Spaulding, Stanford Law School
  • Will Hornsby, American Bar Association, Division for Legal Services
  • Tim Hwang, Robot Robot & Hwang (moderator)

For more details, please see the conference Website.

HT @timhwang

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