Open Law Index

Open Law Index is a source of information about public access to legal information from international courts and tribunals.

The site provides ratings for institutions and types of data, regarding several dimensions of public access and openness. Some of the rating information is expressed through colored icons and figures.

Here is a description, from the project’s website:

Open Law Index assesses the state of judicial and legislative data around the world.

An increasing number of justice systems and institutions have committed to open up data, but how much key information is actually being released? Is the available data legally and technically usable so that citizens, civil society and businesses can realise the full benefits of the information? Which courts and tribunals are the most advanced and which are lagging in relation to judicial open data? Open Law Index has been developed to help answer such questions by collecting and presenting information on the state of open law data around the world – to ignite discussions between citizens, institutions, corporations and governments.

Open Law Index also links to the legislative data of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Open Data Index, but the relationship between the two sources of information is not clear.

Personnel working on Open Law Index include Dr. Enric Garcia Torrents.

According to its Website, Open Law Index has received support from Open Knowledge Foundation and Open Science Data Cloud.

The index was one of the projects worked on at last month’s Neocodex Open Law Challenge hackathon in London.

The relationship between Open Law Index and the Neocodex Project is not clear.

Open Law Index has an email list:

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