MIT Legal Science Salon online event, 13 March 2014

The first MIT Legal Science Salon online event will be held 13 March 2014.

Registration is available on eventbrite.

The event is being organized by Dazza Greenwood, JD, of MIT Media Lab, as part of his Computational Legal Science research program.

The event Website is at:

Click here for a video describing the event.

Information about the event is also being posted to the eCitizen blog.

Here is the program as it stands as of 4 March 2013, according to the eventbrite page:

* Host: Dazza Greenwood, MIT Human Dynamics Group

* Joshua Lenon, Clio: Key Note Address: What Happens When Robots Join Law Firms?

* Jonathan Askin, Professor, Brooklyn Law School; Founder and Director of the Brooklyn Law Incubator and Policy Clinic,
[Topic: TBD]

* Seamus Kraft, Executive Director,
Topic: StateDecoded and Putting the Law Online

* Evan Carroll, Founder, The Digital Beyond; Author of Your Digital Afterlife
Topic: Managing Digital Assets and Estates

* Ray Campbell, Attorney/Consultant on Data and Technology Matters
Topic: The Legal Science of Mapping Communication Flows in State Government

HT @JoshuaLenon and Dazza Greenwood

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