Coleman and Decouteau on the data-segmentation approach to automated health privacy regulation

Johnathan Coleman of Security Risk Solutions, and Duane DeCouteau of Edmond Scientific, have posted slides of their presentation entitled Use of Interoperability Standards and Data Segmentation to Support Patient Privacy, given in March 2013 at HIMSS 2013 in New Orleans.

The presentation discusses the “data segmentation for privacy” approach to automating health privacy regulation, in which electronic medical records are chunked and the parts coded for regulatory status in a way that enables very granular control. An example is given of a project implementing this approach in the U.S. Veterans Administration.

This presentation is discussed in Gretchen Harper‘s recent paper, Health Information Exchanges’ Dirty Little Secret: The Infrastructure’s Inability to Enforce Health Privacy Legislation, pages 15-19.

HT @ahier

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