Kraft: OpenGov Foundation opens Portal to all of the State Decoded sites

The OpenGov Foundation has announced that it has opened a new portal to all of the State Decoded free-access-to-law and e-participation sites:

The Foundation has posted a video describing

The State Decoded is Waldo Jaquith‘s free and open platform for providing free public access to law and enabling public commentary on laws. It has been implemented in three states and four cities in the U.S.

Here are excerpts from the announcement:

The OpenGov Foundation today announced the beta launch of, America’s modern, user-friendly and restriction-free online law library. Through this new website, citizens, stakeholders and public servants can access, explore and use the municipal laws and legal codes of San Francisco (CA), Baltimore (MD), Chicago (IL), and Philadelphia (PA), and the state laws and legal codes of Maryland, Virginia and Florida. For those seeking to advance local government transparency and citizen engagement, provides the tools and resources needed to transform any inaccessible legal information into the open source State Decoded format, then add it to this growing online law library. Right now, efforts are underway to “decode” Raleigh (NC), Washington (DC), Boston (MA), Las Vegas (NV), New York (NY) and Miami (FL), with more on the way.

The America Decoded network helps break down the frustrating barriers that exist between everyday Americans and the most important public information in any city or state – the law itself – by harnessing the latest in website design and open data standards, providing all the expensive tools lawyers use at $0 cost. And unlike many legacy legal information providers, provides the public laws to the American people the right way: without any copyright restrictions, paywalls or fees.

The laws and legal codes in the open law library are powered by the State Decoded software, which provides citizens with a ridiculously easy-to-use way to access your local, state, and federal legal code. […]

For more details, please see the complete announcement.

Seamus Kraft of the OpenGov Foundation will discuss and the other State Decoded projects on 13 March 2014 at the MIT Legal Science Salon online event.

Click here for earlier posts about The State Decoded.

HT @FoundOpenGov

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