Mill, Carbaugh, and Ngai build new legislative bill tracking system using IFTTT, at Sunlight Foundation

Eric Mill and colleagues at the Sunlight Foundation have announced a new method of tracking U.S. federal legislative bills, using a new channel at If This Then That.

The channel is described in a new post by Jeremy Carbaugh at the foundation’s blog.

Eric says he developed the system with Jeremy and Amy Ngai of the foundation.

Here is a description of the method:

Today we are excited to launch a new Sunlight Foundation Channel on IFTTT! We here at Sunlight have had a long history of experimenting with automation and with IFTTT, so we’re absolutely thrilled to be launching this Channel.

If you haven’t heard of it before, IFTTT lets you connect your accounts on various services to have actions on one trigger actions on another. It’s incredibly easy to set up these Recipes, but they let you do powerful things. Combined with hardware devices like your iPhone, WeMo switches and Hue lights, you can even CONTROL THE PHYSICAL WORLD AROUND YOU. […]

We’re launching our Channel with two triggers:

  • A bill is signed into law by the President
  • A bill is scheduled for a vote

So how about… if a bill is signed into law by the President then send me a text message? Or, if a bill is scheduled for a vote then add it to my Google calendar. […]

For more details, please see the complete post.

HT @konklone

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