Hagan: Report on Legislative Design Roundtable, for OpenGov Foundation

Dr. Margaret Hagan of Stanford University has posted a report on a legislative design roundtable that she and Dr. Ron Dolin of the Program for Legal Tech and Design held for the OpenGov Foundation in early March 2014.

Here are excerpts from the post:

Two weeks ago, we were fortunate to host two members of the OpenGov Foundation team at the d.school, to discuss their projects to make legislators’ work more participatory, democratic, and better designed. […]

The OpenGov team showed us their past versions of The Madison Project — a platform that allows legislators to post versions of pending & proposed legislation online, and then has constituents make annotations, reactions, redrafts, and other comments on top of the text.

The first version of this platform emerged during the SOPA/PIPA debate two years ago. The platform they coded then allowed people to read the proposed Internet legislation, and comment — to show legislators what citizens would want to change about the bill, as well as to educate citizens about what the legislation would do. […]

The team also showed some hints of where they might be going — with the ability of commenters to engage with each other, and an ability to float the most meaningful comments & redrafts to prominence. […]

The participants who came to the event gave feedback on the designs & the concepts — with ideas of how to increase user engagement on the site, along with ideas of other directions the platform could go regarding citizen education about lawmaking. […]

For images and more details, please see the complete post.

HT @LegalTechDesign

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