Call for papers: ATGRC 2014: International Workshop: Advanced Technologies for Governance Risk and Compliance

A call for papers has been issued for ATGRC 2014: International Workshop: Advanced Technologies for Governance Risk and Compliance, to be held 2 September 2014 in Munich, Germany.

The submission deadline is 29 March 2014.

Here is the description:

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Information Systems provide key functionalities – ranging from risk program management to regulatory monitoring and reporting – to different stakeholders within an enterprise. GRC is moving toward “a more integrated approach to ensure effective governance, manage risks and optimize performance while addressing compliance obligations throughout the enterprise” (OCEG GRC technology solution guide v2.1). New generation GRC Information Systems are expected to simplify and automate the consumption of Regulations, to create compliant business processes whose execution can be monitored using controls traceable back to the Regulations and to enable flexible Risk reporting over integrated data. State of the art Governance dashboards and user interfaces are key in increasing the adoption of this new generation of GRC information systems. Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, in Databases and in Business Processes Modelling will take GRC to this next level. In particular, Semantic Technologies provide the required accuracy for formal Knowledge Representation and the flexibility for large data and process integration.

Hosted by the 25th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2014), the 1st International Workshop on Advanced Technologies for Governance Risk and Compliance is a forum bringing together researchers and practitioners working in GRC, semantic technologies and related areas. It is an opportunity to discuss current challenges and to assess state of the art technologies.

Papers are invited on the following topics:

  • Business vocabularies, Regulatory vocabularies, GRC Vocabularies
  • Regulatory ontologies, Risk ontologies, Enterprise Ontologies
  • Semantic Web technologies applied to Enterprise Information Systems
  • Rule-based systems
  • Semantics-based data access and data integration
  • Subject-Matter-Expert-Centric semantic systems
  • Business friendly ontology editing and visualization
  • Business friendly rule editing and visualization
  • Machine assisted vocabulary and rules extraction
  • Natural language processing for Ontology building/ population

HT John Lombard

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