Peruginelli and Ragona: Legal informatics in Italy: Fifty years of studies, research, and experiences

Dr. Ginevra Peruginelli and Mario Ragona, both of ITTIG/CNR, have published a new article collection entitled Legal Informatics in Italy: Fifty years of studies, research and experiences (Naples, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 2014) (ITTIG Series «Studi e documenti», n. 12).

Click here for abstracts in English and Italian.

Here is the publisher’s description:

In the national publishing scenario a book that reconstructs the history of legal informatics in Italy is lacking. Starting from this observation, a collectanea on the origin and evolution of legal informatics in Italy has been realised, combining the contributions of the main actors of this field of science.

The book collects the thoughts, experiences, projects by Italian leading experts who have worked actively in the development of this field, following the historical evolution of legal informatics.

Such discipline must be intended in the sense of legal informatics strictly speaking.

With the intent of offering a look beyond national borders, the work includes precious interviews to key persons who have dedicated their professional life to the study and application of legal informatics around the world, focusing on new challenges and opportunities that the relationship between law and information technology implies.

The volume concludes with a look to the future and prospects of the IG, focusing on new challenges and opportunities that ITTIG-CNR researchers have been underlined: in fact the story of legal informatics interweaves with the history of the Institute.

The volume is not intended as a manual, but as a source of reference for all those interested in this subject. The discussion of the various topics have mainly an historical perspective, without leaving out personal experience that the individual author wants to highlight. From this book the reader should not only draw the historical evolution of legal informatics in Italy, but also the spirit and the atmosphere existing among the actors of the discipline.

The publication is the commitment of the Institute of Theory and Techniques of Legal Information (ITTIG) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

Contributions of:

Tommaso Agnoloni, Maria Angela Biasiotti, Jon Bing, Rosa Maria Di Giorgi, Elena Candia, Manola Cherubini, Elio Fameli, Sebastiano Faro, Franco Fiandanese, Enrico Francesconi, Vittorio e Tommaso Edoardo Frosini, Luigi Lombardi Vallauri, Mario G. Losano, Cesare Maioli, Carlo Marchetti, Pietro Mercatali, Nicola Palazzolo, Monica Palmirani, Mario Panizza, Enrico Paradiso, Giovanni Pascuzzi, Ginevra Peruginelli, Marina Pietrangelo, Mario Ragona, Francesco Romano, Maria-Teresa Sagri, Giovanni Sartor, Giancarlo Taddei Elmi, Daniela Tiscornia, Fabrizio Turchi

Interviews with:

Mariya Badeva-Bright (Africa), Thomas R. Bruce (USA), Fernando Galindo (Spain), Graham Greenleaf (Australia), Maximilian Herberger (Germany), João Alberto de Oliveira Lima (Brazil), Yoshiharu Matsuura (Japan), Abdulhusein H. Paliwala (United Kingdom), Pascal Petitcollot (France), Daniel Poulin (Canada), Erich Schweighofer (Austria), Ping Zhang (China).

The index and abstract are available at:


Dr. Peruginelli says that in September 2014 “the volume will be available in open access in the ITTIG website and in other institutional repositories.”

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