Palmirani: CIRSFID and legal informatics

Professor Dr. Monica Palmirani of the University of Bologna has published The CIRSFID and legal informatics, in Ginevra Peruginelli and Mario Ragona (Eds.), Legal informatics in Italy: Fifty years of studies, research and experiences (Naples, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 2014).

Here is the abstract:

The chapter outlines the birth and development of legal informatics at the University of Bologna, and consequently also the various phases of the evolution of CIRSFID, which has taken on a role as promoter of this discipline at local, national, and international level. The account is based on two historical sources: (i) archival records held at the University of Bologna, which document the birth of this research centre, offering a snapshot of the initiatives launched by the centre itself in the effort to make a place for legal informatics as a university discipline, and (ii) numerous interviews with the founder of CIRSFID, Prof. Enrico Pattaro, and with Prof. Giovanni Sartor as sources of oral history on which to rely in rounding out the narrative where the records are incomplete. After this historical account, the contribution shifts focus to the present, outlining the method, characteristics, and activities of legal informatics in Bologna, such as its cross-disciplinary and international emphasis and its stress on the practical application of theoretical investigation. Finally, the contribution turns to the future of legal informatics as a discipline that proceeds on an analytical and philosophical approach to see how new technologies — the ones now in use as well as those in development — can be put to use so as to fully exploit their potential consistently with the legal and ethical principles by which that use is framed.

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