Peruginelli and Ragona: Foreword to Legal informatics in Italy

Dr. Ginevra Peruginelli and Mario Ragona, of ITTIG-CNR have posted the Foreword of their new article collection entitled Legal informatics in Italy: Fifty years of studies, research and experiences (Naples, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 2014).

Here excerpts from the Foreword:

Our intention, when we embarked upon the task of editing this work, in early 2011, was to present the historical path of legal informatics as the result of our deep and growing love for the subject. […]

The structure of the volume traces the history of the discipline in Italy. At first the different sectors of legal informatics from its origin until today are defined and identified. The first part, entitled “The discipline” shows how teaching of legal informatics has been established in Italian universities, and different types of courses have been developed. […]

The second part, entitled “The actors” is the core of the work, where the actors who have led the foundations of legal informatics in Italy are highlighted. […]

The third part intends to open an international perspective to the reader through, on one side, a brief history of information retrieval in the legal field (the area that at first received more attention and success) as described by Jon Bing, one of the pioneers of legal informatics at international level, on the other hand through interviews with some of the main international leading figures of the discipline, called to illustrate the evolution of legal informatics and its future. […]

The fourth part of the volume is dedicated to a debate among ITTIG researchers on the current situation and future prospects of the discipline. […]

Two appendices conclude the volume, outlining the stages and major works that have led to the success of legal informatics in Italy. […]

For more details, please see the complete Foreword.

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