LawWithoutWalls 2014 Conposium, 12-13 April 2014: Storify, tweets, and resources

LawWithoutWalls 2014 Conposium was held 12-13 April 2014 at the University of Miami School of Law in Coral Gables, Florida, USA.

The event’s Website is at:

Click here for the program for the event.

The Twitter hashtag for the event is #lwow2014

Click here for a storify of Twitter tweets from the event.

Click here for archived Twitter tweets from the event, in .csv format.

Here is a description of the program, from the Website’s About page:

LawWithoutWalls is a part-virtual collaboratory devised and led by Michele DeStefano, that develops the skills necessary to provide effective legal services in today’s global, multi-disciplinary, and cross-cultural marketplace. It centers on the intersection of law, business, technology, and innovation. […]

Several leaders in the legal technology community participated in the program and the event, as mentors or judges.

Video was made of the event, but it’s unclear whether the video will be made available to the public.

HT @LawWithoutWalls

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