Webcast: 23 April: Iron Tech Lawyer Competition, Georgetown Law Center

The latest Iron Tech Lawyer Competition is scheduled to be held 23 April 2014 at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC.

A live video webcast of the event is said to be available at: http://apps.law.georgetown.edu/webcasts/eventDetail.cfm?eventID=2335

This is an event in which law students present new legal technologies that they have developed in the past few months in a course at Georgetown University Law Center.

Here is a description of the event:

Georgetown Law Iron Tech Lawyer — Access to Justice Edition. In just one semester, students in Georgetown Law’s Technology Innovation and Law Practice practicum built apps to help the public navigate legal processes. Six teams will show off their apps in the hopes of earning the title of Iron Tech Lawyer. This semester’s apps include:

  • The Den: New York City Debt and Eviction Navigator – Collects data on the ability of seniors in the New York City area to access the courts, and helps non-lawyer social workers aiding the elderly to offer assistance and materials relating to legal problems such as housing and consumer debt.
  • Immigration Navigator – Guides immigrants through the complex landscape of immigration law. By asking a few simple questions, the Navigator can pinpoint which of the many immigration laws and relief programs may help the user.
  • New York City Earned Sick Time Advisor – Provides clear and easy guidance to New York City employees to help them determine if they qualify for sick leave under the New York City Earned Sick Leave Act and, if so, how much sick time they have earned.
  • Pennsylvania Children’s Medicaid Appeals Advisor – Helps parents with minor children navigate the Medicaid appeals process after their coverage provider has denied, reduced or terminated their services.
  • Triage and Intake Assessment System – Helps potential clients determine whether they are eligible to receive Virginia Legal Aid’s assistance and provides referral resources.
  • The Unemployment Benefits Hearing Coach – Serves as a coach to users preparing for unemployment benefit hearings at the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings, and provides targeted guidance regarding the evidence users should present. […]

DC Legal Hackers is organizing a lunch before the event.

The Twitter account for the event appears to be @GtwnLawIronTech

One Twitter hashtag used during the event was #IronTechLawyer

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