Martic on Anonymous Crowdsourced Online Arbitration

Dusko Martic, LL.M., of IDT-Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, presented a paper entitled Blind Arbitration: Proposal for Anonymous Crowdsourced Online Arbitration, at CROWD 2014: Sintelnet WG5 Workshop: Crowd Intelligence: Foundations, Methods, and Practices, held 8-9 January 2014 in Barcelona.

Here is the abstract:

Shifting the academic discourse from general term of ODR [online dispute resolution] to more specific modalities like online arbitration is a clear sign of research advancements in the area of online dispute resolution. In this paper we explore the online arbitration in relation to crowdsourcing trends. The goal of this paper is to present new approach to online arbitration, based on several different principles and technologies. The proposal of anonymous / privacy-preserving online arbitration or “blind arbitration” is built upon technologies for online arbitration, crowdsourcing, blind bidding negotiation and founded upon privacy-by-design principles. We aim to propose higher-level of confidentiality, secrecy and privacy preservation along with leveraging “the wisdom of the crowds”.

HT @mpoblet

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