Francesconi: A description logic framework for accessing and reasoning over normative provisions

Dr. Enrico Francesconi of ITTIG-CNR has published A description logic framework for advanced accessing and reasoning over normative provisions, forthcoming in Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Here is the abstract:

A model of normative provisions and related axioms represented by using RDF(S)/OWL are presented as a contribution to implement the semantic web in the legal domain. In particular, a pattern able to implement the Hohfeldian legal fundamental relations between provisions using OWL-DL expressivity is proposed. Moreover, a query-based approach able to deal with relations between provision instances is described. An example of advanced access and reasoning over provisions using the proposed approach, as well as a prototype architecture of a provision retrieval system, are shown. The main benefit is represented by the ability of the approach to keep the complexity of the problem within a description logic computational tractability.

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