CodeX FutureLaw 2014 Conference on Legal Technology and the Legal Profession: 2 May 2014, Stanford

CodeX FutureLaw 2014 Conference — “a conference focusing on how technology is changing the landscape of the legal profession and the law more broadly” — will be held 2 May 2014 at Stanford Law School.

The conference is organized by CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics.

Tim Hwang is Conference Chair.

Click here for the conference program.

The Twitter hashtag for the event seems to be #FutureLaw

Here is a description of the conference, from the event’s Website:

[…] The conference will bring together leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, investors and technologists that are experimenting and actively working to re-architect the future of the law.

The conference will address a variety of topics including technology’s impact on legal data ecosystems, maintaining the health of virtual legal marketplaces, and emerging legal technologies within the realm of public interest law. The aim is to engage with the deeper issues presented by these technologies and project their long-term impact on the law as they become more widely adopted. We also hope that the day will be an opportunity for the legal tech community to come together to share their experiences, collaborate on projects, and plan for the future.

Here are the topics of the conference panels:

  • Forging an Open Legal Document Ecosystem
  • Managing Legal Marketplaces
  • Rebuilding Legal Education
  • Legal Technology in the Public Interest
  • Legal Ethics in the Age of Machines

Among the keynote addresses is one by Professor Dr. Michael Genesereth: The Cop in the Backseat – Embedding Law in Everyday Life.

For more details, please see the conference Website.

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