AmLegal Decoder: A Free Tool to Publish Laws Online in Open Data Formats

Yesterday the launch of AmLegal Decoder — “a new tool that seamlessly transforms hard-to-use municipal laws and legal codes into modern, restriction-free and user-friendly open data accessible via the growing, nationwide America Decoded network of legal websites” — was announced by American Legal Publishing Corporation and the OpenGov Foundation.

AmLegal Decoder seems to be located currently in the same GitHub repository as the State Decoded version of the San Francisco municipal code.

Here are excerpts from the announcement:

[…] A historic collaboration between American Legal […] and the non-profit OpenGov Foundation produced the new tool at $0 cost to San Francisco, where the Decoder was first deployed. This new open-source software automatically updates and delivers every newly-codified city law to all city employees, everyday citizens and job creators who need them, in the fastest, most cost-effective, useful way possible. […]

American Legal and The OpenGov Foundation will next employ the Decoder to enhance and maintain the legal codes of Chicago and Philadelphia, before expanding the America Decoded network to include up to 2,000 additional American Legal client cities. […]

For more details, please see the complete announcement.

HT @nancyscola

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