Legal technology at PoplusCon 2014

Some legal technologies were worked on and discussed at PoplusCon 2014, held 29-30 April 2014 in Santiago, Chile.

Poplus is a set of free and open “software components that help civil society groups and campaigners launch powerful websites – anywhere in the world.”

The legal technologies discussed and worked on at the event include:

In addition, a session was scheduled to be held at the conference on Participative Legislation: How to Crowdsource Law Drafting.

A committee is forming to run a “federation” of Poplus efforts; Tom Steinberg discusses this in his post, A Federation Is Born.

A google group thread discussing the federation and the committee is at:!topic/poplus/8kLpLL3d8z0

Here are other reports on the conference:

HT @stephen_abbott

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