Legal informatics / legal communication papers at ICA 2014

The following legal informatics or legal communication papers were presented at ICA 2014: The Conference of the International Communication Association, held 22-26 May 2014, in Seattle, Washington, USA (The full conference program is available here and here. The Twitter hashtag for the conference is #ica14. If you know of other legal communication or legal informatics papers presented at the conference, please feel free to mention them in the comments. For abstracts of papers, please see the conference program. For full text of papers, please contact the authors):

  • Mary Angela Bock: Argument by Appearance: Digital Images and the Unspoken Proposition in Legal Discourse
  • Suzannah Evans and Daniel Riffe: Communty Structure, Economic Dependency, and News Coverage of Fishing Regulations in New England
  • Teresa Marie Harrison et al.: We the People: U.S. E-Petitioning as Technology-Mediated Social Action
  • Daniel J. Mauro: Curating Activism: Locating Politics in the Amateur Videos of WITNESS’ Human Rights Channel
  • Ella Elizabeth McPherson: The Influence of Editorial Lines on Human Rights Reporting at Mexican Newspapers
  • Anat Peleg and Bryna Bogoch: Guilty or Victimized? Shaming” and “Laundering” Rituals in the Media Trial of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
  • Sandra Ristovska: Human Rights Through the Camera’s Eye
  • Christopher R. Terry and Mitchell Bard: An Eye on McCutcheon v FEC: An Empirical Analysis of Issue Advertising in Wisconsin Judicial Races Before and After Citizens United
  • Nancy E. Worthington: Turning the Tables With Twitter: Shifting Suspicion From Rape Victims to Rape Culture With Social Media
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One Response to Legal informatics / legal communication papers at ICA 2014

  1. Jeff Niederdeppe, Cornell U, USA; Sungjong Roh, Cornell U, USA; Caitlin Dreisbach, Johns Hopkins U, USA: “How Narrative Focus and a Statistical Map Shape Policy Support Among State Legislators”

    Manuel Puppis, U of Fribourg, SWITZERLAND; Martino Maggetti, U of Lausanne, SWITZERLAND; Fabrizio Gilardi, U of Zurich, SWITZERLAND; Jan Biela, U of Lausanne, SWITZERLAND; Ioannis Papadopoulos, U of Lausanne, SWITZERLAND: “The Political Communication of Independent Regulatory Agencies”

    Yoonmo Sang, U of Texas, USA; Jeong-Ki Lee, Hanyang U, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF; Yeora Kim, National Assembly Research Service of Korea; Hyung-Gin Woo, Hanyang U, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF: “Understanding the Intentions Behind Illegal Downloading: A Comparative Study of American and Korean College Students”

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