Legal informatics papers at CeDEM 14

Several papers on legal informatics were presented at CeDEM 14: International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2014, held 21-23 May 2014 at Danube University Krems, in Krems, Austria:

  • Guido Boella, Llio Humpreys, Robert Muthuri, and Leendert van der Torre: Managing Legal Resources in Open Governance and E-Democracy: Eunomos: An Al and Law Response [click here for slides and notes]
  • Aspasia Papaloi and Dimitris Gouscos: An Overview of Parliamentary Information Visualization (PIV) Initiatives: Assessing their Completeness and Contribution to Parliamentary Openness [click here for slides and notes] [click here for summary]
  • Mika Sihvonen and Miikka Sipilä: User-Based Open Knowledge Increasing E-Democracy in Finland [click here for slides]
  • Andrea Trentini and Fiorella De Cindio: A Layered Architecture to Model Digital Citizenship Rights and Opportunities [click here for summary]
  • Wilfred Warioba and Abdallah Ally: Mobile Enhanced Human Rights Reporting – The Case of CHRAGG Tanzania [click here for summary]

For full text of papers, please contact the authors.

If you know of other legal informatics or legal communication papers presented at the conference, please feel free to identify them in the comments to this post.

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